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What Music in Venice's project offers

Music in Venice is the portal of the Music dedicated also to the sale of tickets on-line for the musical events that are carried out in the magical city of Venice. Being presented on the portal is fundamental, because it proposes a complete panoramic view of the venetian musical offer.

What does Music in Venice offers to MUSICAL GROUPS?
The portal offers a space web (some pages) and a service of sale on-line of tickets for the concerts.
The space dedicated to the groups supplies a panoramic view with photos, curricula, repertoire and discografia with the possibility to hear part of the pieces and to acquire the CDs on-line.
The groups are present with their calendar concerts complete of program and place of the concert.
The management of the reservations on-line will not be a problem for the groups any more. Music in Venice will be able to manage all the formalities granting a precise and efficient service.

The sale of tickets happens through purchase with credit card (arranges PAYPAL or CARTASI) in simple and sure way.
After completing the transaction, the customer receives the electronic ticket. Also the Group will receive a mail with the confirmation of the sale, the ticket number acquired for the date of the concert.

The groups that join to the Music in Venice's project take also advantage from the periodic newsletter sent to all the recorded persons. The Newsletter, that contains interesting information and link to the imminent events, offers moreover an advertising space to the groups and to the sponsors.

What does Music in Venice offers to SPONSORS?
Every commercial activity, to the aim to increase its own visibility, can use the SPACES BANNER present on all the pages of the site, with modalities and costs estabilished in the proposed offer.

Visibility of Music in Venice portal
In order to increase the visibility of the groups and of the sponsors, Music in Venice portal, with beyond 5.000 pages seen every month is indexed in the main Italian and foreign search engines. It is also promoted on various media through precise initiatives. Banners with link to the Music in Venice portal will be present on sites of tourist and cultural interest.



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