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newsletter service Would you like to be kept up-to-date about our events and concerts?

The Music in Venice newsletter contains interesting information.
It is issued depending on the period and programmed events.
If you register to receive the Music in Venice Newsletter, news, information and programmes for musical events in Venice will be sent to your e-mail address free of charge.
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How can I read newsletters?
Newsletters are mail in HTML format (the same format as web pages). Besides information, they may also contain links to Music in Venice website pages or to other websites. We recommend you read online so that you don’t lose information or important connections.

How to cancel
If you don’t wish to receive any further issues of the newsletter, you can cancel at any time. Just notify us on: and you will shortly be notified that the service has been cancelled.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee?
No, newsletters are free of charge. You only need to register in order to receive them.

Will my e-mail address be used without my permission?
Your personal details will not be used for purposes other than those allowed by the conditions of use of the Newsletter service. Read the informative note.

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