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I Musici Veneziani
Orchestra and singers in18th century costumes

The Orchestra "I Musici Veneziani" was formed in 1996 and owes its prestigious name to the carefully considered selection of some of the most accomplished of Venetian virtuosos. The Orchestra pays tribute to Vivaldi performing the Four Seasons and, with Sopranos, Mezzo-Sopranos, Tenors and Baritones internationally acclaimed, performs Baroque and Opera, the most beautiful arias of the Baroque period. The concerts, enhanced by exquisite 18th costumes and jewerly, are performed in the wonderful Salone Capitolare, on the first floor of the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in Rialto, where in addition I Musici Veneziani enact the most famous and beloved Opera of the great Giuseppe Verdi: La Traviata.
  All concerts of the group I Musici Veneziani
Scuola Grande di San Teodoro
I Musici Veneziani: Barocco & Opera Arias
I Musici Veneziani in an Opera Concert perform the most beautiful arias of the Baroque lyrical tradition, performed in original 18 century dress
Scuola Grande di San Teodoro
I Musici Veneziani: Quattro Stagioni, 4 Seasons
The famous and touching "Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi: four concerts for violin and strings that represent scenes of nature


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